New Jersey Homeowner Insurance Coverage

Your home contains your most valuable possessions, and it alone is worth a considerable amount of the money you've earned over the years, so it's essential to have a homeowners insurance policy that is adequate for your home's value.

Different Types of Homeowners Insurance Coverage:

  • Repair/Rebuild your home and other structures

    • Home Insurance pays to repair or rebuild your house, materials inside it.​

  • Temporary Living Expenses:

    • If you cannot stay in your home during repairs, this will cover hotel stays and even meals​

  • Injuries and Lawsuits against you:

    • covers property damage and injury lawsuits​

  • Personal Possessions:

    • All yor belongings are covered​


  • Tip #1 - Remember to research your policies because most insurance carriers do not include flood insurance in their policies.

  • Tip #2 - Remember to have a home inventory list. This will be vital in knowing how much each one of your possessions costs and more importantly, by having this list you can give a detailed report of your possessions to your insurance provider.

  • Tip #3 - Remember to speak to our insurance specialists if you have any questions or concerns on homeowners insurance coverage.

Tips For Buying Homeowner's Insurance

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