New Jersey Business Insurance Coverage

Having a business in New Jersey requires that you carry various types of commercial and business insurance so that you are adequately insured in today's litigious society. But as time progresses, your premiums may go up and take away from your profit margin. Fortunately, AIA Brokerage is here to find the most affordable and get you the biggest bang for your buck in insurance coverage. 


Types of Commercial Insurances you can purchase are:


New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance:


If your business operates vehicles, you need to have them insured just like the ones that you own. You may need liability, comprehensive, collision and medical payments coverage, depending on the kinds of vehicles that your company owns and operates.


New Jersey Business General Liability Insurance (CGL):


For businesses that have customers and clients coming to your work place, such as in the case of a grocery store, fitness center or daycare, it's essential that you carry a general liability insurance policy in the event that someone gets hurt on your property. This policy will also cover your business if it's the victim of theft or vandalism, and equipment or products are taken or damaged. Your losses to property, or injuries to people, will be covered with a CGL policy.


New Jersey Business Property Insurance:


Business owners who also own the property on which their business is run should have plenty of property insurance which covers the land, inventory and possessions which are kept on-site. Disasters--natural and unnatural--don't announce themselves, so you never know when you'll need this policy. If you make a claim, the money you receive will help you to rebuild the structures, buy new equipment and restock your inventory without having to start over and go into debt.


New Jersey Workers Compensation:


Depending on current local and state laws, if you have employees, you need to have workers compensation insurance in order to protect your team members if they sustain an injury on the job. AIA Brokerage will help you understand the most recent legislation and find the right amount of coverage.


New Jersey Business Owner Package (BOP):


Depending on your specific insurance needs, consider getting a business owner package which gives you property, liability and business interruption coverage. Buying them as a bundle will save you money and you'll know that you're properly covered for most situations.

To purchase business insurance for your New Jersey-based business, contact AIA Brokerage today. As your local independent agency, we're here to answer your questions so that you can feel secure knowing that your business is thoroughly insured once you make your purchase.


Reminder- Based on your industry and operational factors will be important factors in deciding which type of insurance is best for you!

Types of Business Insurance Coverage and Tips

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